A Traditional Christmas Dinner!

Xmas Dinner 2The traditional British Christmas Dinner is usually served in the afternoon, around three o’clock (it is in my home anyway) and is a free for all feast for family and invited friends.

Since I myself am working away this year, cooking the Christmas fare for others, it will be just my mother, brother and three dogs.

This article dates from the fifties and the reference to the cook, ‘wife, mother or sister’ is somewhat antiquated in these more egalitarian days but it is of its time!

Xmas Dinner 1Xmas Dinner 4

Nevertheless it is fairly typical of what will be happening in homes around the country in various forms and formats and for larger or smaller number of people.

By tradition a bird is the centrepiece, served with roast potatoes and all manner of vegetables, roast gravy and a good, well seasoned stuffing. I also like to serve a good, stodgy bread sauce! This is then finished off with a plum pudding with brandy sauce and mince pies.

Xmas Dinner 3

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