Rutland, A County In Minor

UK English Counties - TitleThe Counties of England - namedRutland is a landlocked county in central England, bounded on the west and north by Leicestershire, northeast by Lincolnshire and southeast by Northamptonshire.
It is the smallest historic English county, leading to the adoption of the Latin motto Multum In Parvo (or “much in little”) by the county council in 1950 by virtue of the fact that it has the smallest population of any normal unitary authority in mainland England.

Rutland’s older cottages are built from limestone or ironstone and many have roofs of Collyweston stone, slate or thatch.

downloadThe only towns in Rutland are Oakham, the county town, and Uppingham, although the town of Stamford is just over the border in a protruding part of Lincolnshire.

Rutland Water sailling Belle church At the centre of the county is the large artificial reservoir, Rutland Water, (right) which is an important nature reserve serving as an overwintering site for wildfowl and a breeding site for ospreys.

The titles Earl and Duke of Rutland are within the peerage of England and derive from the historic county of Rutland.

Oakham_Castle, Rutland The Earl of Rutland was elevated to the status of Duke in 1703 and the titles were merged. The family seat is Belvoir Castle. The office of High Sheriff of Rutland was instituted in 1129, and there has been a Lord Lieutenant of Rutland since at least 1559. Uppingham Market was granted by Charter in 1281 by Edward I.
By the time of the 19th century it had been divided into the hundreds of Alstoe, East, Martinsley, Oakham and Wrandike.

The WorkhouseUnder the Poor Laws, Oakham Union workhouse was built in 1836–37 at a site to the north-east of the town, with room for 100 paupers. The building later operated as the Catmose Vale Hospital, and now forms part of the Oakham School.

In 1994, the Local Government Commission for England, which was conducting a structural review of English local government, recommended that Rutland become a unitary authority. Poor Children

This was implemented on 1 April 1997, with Rutland regaining a separate Lieutenancy and shrievalty as well as its council regaining control of county functions such as education and social services.

The Ruddles brewery was Langham’s biggest industry until it was closed in 1997. Rutland bitter is one of only three UK beers to have achieved Protected Geographical Indication status; this followed an application by Ruddles. Greene King, the owners of Ruddles, closed the Langham brewery and were unable to take advantage of the registration. However in 2010 a Rutland Bitter was launched by Oakham’s Grainstore Brewery.

Flag of RutlandAccording to tradition, any royalty or peers passing through Oakham must present a horseshoe to the Lord of the Manor of Oakham. The horseshoe has been Rutland’s emblem for centuries and is incorporated into the county flag.

I have found no recipes pertaining to Rutland per-se so if anybody has any I should be grateful to have them. Otherwise I suppose it would be little dissimilar to the cuisine of the surrounding counties Leicestershire, Lincolnshire and Northamptonshire.

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