Late For Dinner . . .

Another forray into the late thirties with Lilian Mattingly, this time to March of 1939.

Late For Dinner 1 It must be remembered that in the mid to late thirties, Adolf Hitler still had his followers and admirers.

His political and ideological theories, though revealed as abhorrent and evil in the years following his demise, still held a degree of authenticity amongst certain right-wing thinkers on both sides of the Atlantic.

But be that as it may, the thirties were a period of political unrest and a general sense of unease in Europe. The ‘late for dinner’ reference is a kind of sideways reference to this unusual situation. Late For Dinner 2

With regard to this time there is another relevant post on this blog which links back to that national treasure, the hot-pot.

Now, as then, there was always comfort food and comfort eating. And all the diligent housewife had to do was to prepare such foods in a format that would be hot and filling as and when required.

I still have no more relevant information on Ms. Mattingly than I’ve already given, so if there is anybody out there who can assist with ‘filling her out’ I should be most grateful.

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