To Be Seen, Not Heard . . .

Cooking for the Nursery - TitleDuring the Victorian era, although the social conditions were fairly dire for the working classes, things were improving further up the ladder.

Cooking for the NurseryThen came the first world war which, in spite of being one of the bloodiest and most costly in human life ever recorded, led to an uprecedented period of social change and reforms.

The second world war followed a financial recession that had major, world-wide repercussions.

The Victorian ideal of ‘child care’ was one that was so different that it would possibly be condemned as child cruelty today.

Keeping Kiddies CoolBut be that as it may! Nursery meals would generally be taken alone in the ‘nursery’ with the family Nanny, who would also oversee fair play amongst squabbling siblings.

Keeping Kiddies Cool 2Children were ‘babies’ or ‘small people’ to be suffered until old enough to hold a reasonable conversation and not embarrass their parents and family!

But no, seriously, the Victorians took their child rearing duties seriously : I mean, if they hadn’t none of us would be here now!

Would we?

(Extracted from an article from the mid-fifties)

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