Sunday Teatime Specials

These recipes are not recipes as such, they are illustrations. Popular in magazines and newspaper supplements of the forties and fifties they assume a basic knowledge of home cooking in terms of things like choux pastry and meringue.

The first is an old favourite of the Sunday ‘special’ tea using fresh cream and jam. It is still possible to obtain the horn moulds in baking shops and some bigger supermarkets.How To . . . Cream HornsThe second is the Lemon Meringue Pie, again not difficult to make but requiring a certain degree of basic knowledge.

How To . . . Lemon Meringue PieThird we have Eclairs, again with that Sunday luxury : whipped cream!

How To . . . EclairsAnd finally with a slightly higher degree of difficulty, unless you cheat and resort to pre-made Charlotte Fingers and a packet mousse.

How to . . . Charlotte RusseI am currently developing another blog site upon which I shall post only the actual recipes from the archive and link them to the relevant posts here on Granny Robertsons Cookbook.

It is currently a ‘work in progress but I hope to start publishing within the next week or so.




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3 Responses to Sunday Teatime Specials

  1. Karen says:

    I am writing a “Made in England” Vintage Kitchenalia: Old Tins, Icing Sets and Measuring Cones with Tala post on my blog, and I wondered if I can link to your cream horn post and use the image with full credit of course! Thanks! Karen

    • kayjayaitch says:

      That would be fine by me. The image in question is, I believe, out of copyright and therefore available for reproduction in a non-profit format. You may also be interested in the series of blogs I published over Christmas 2012 (just search Christmas) that illustrate a full Tala piping set and an illustration of the results achievable. I hope you may find them interesting. I shall keep an eye out for your blog! Regards, Kevin.

      • Karen says:

        Thanks very much Kevin! I went ahead with my post, but plan another one soon where I will actually make some cream horns, so I will use the image then, and link back to you as I said. I have just discovered your blog and I love it, it covers all of the subjects that I hold dear to my heart and is very interesting, so, you will see I am your latest WP follower! I will check out the post you mention in your reply, I did spend about two hours reading through your blog last night, but never got to that post. Many thanks, Karen
        PS: My Tala post is here, if you are interested:
        PPS: I also have a library of vintage images, if you ever need any at all, although I am sure your library is vast!

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