Variations On The Potato

UK Ireland - Title800px-PatatesPotatoes have been a major part of the European diet since their introduction by Spanish Conquistadors from South America in the 17th Century.

Savoury Potato Dumplings - TKFIreland took to the tuber more readily at this time and due to an extended period of tulmultuous economic and political upheaval and a good, heavy cropping food proved essential to the survival of the people.

Potato Jane - TKFRecipes for potatoes are as wide and varied as the varieties themselves, indeed the great Auguste Escoffier name some 60+ potato dishes in his ‘Guide to Modern Cookery’

And so here in honour of St Patrick on his Saints Day are a few I have plucked from the archives to illustrate the diversity over the last century.

Your PotatoesThere are different recipes to be found throughout the UK as with every other country in Europe.

Potato Omelette - TKF

Potato & Vegetable Pie - TKF

And finally a contribution from Granny Robertson herself :

Potato Cakes hwr

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