Marzipan Fruits & Turkish Delight

Marzipan Fruits 1Marzipan is a confection created using ground almonds and and sugar that has been a staple of the celebration table since the 17th century.

The making of marzipan fruits is relatively more modern. The Victorians developed the idea of ‘sweetmeats’ in line with the growing fashion for ‘petits four’ that was spreading through Europe at the time.

Turkish Delight has claims to an even older Marzipan Fruits 2heritage, spreading from middle eastern lands by virtue of the soldiers sent as Crusaders to the Holy Land to rest the holy cities from the infidel!

But be that as it may, both add to the magic of Christmas with their vibrant colours and exotic flavourings.

The use of flowers and herbs as a flavouring is an old tradition in the UK, whether it be for wine-making, cake flavouring or even fruit and herbal teas.

RoseTurkish Delight - imageRoseTurkish DelightAll the images and recipes I have given here are from a later volume in the archive, somewhere around the early eighties, but it is the tradition and history that makes these delightful bursts of flavour so enjoyable!

Or maybe its just the taste!

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