“What’s Sauce For The Goose Is Sauce For The Gander”

Meaning: In any question, what is appropriate in one case, is also appropriate in another.

Francesco Caraccioli  (right) is reputed to have said “Il y a en Angleterre soixante sectes religieuses differentes, et une seule sauce”

And, as with most mud slinging, however tongue in cheek, some of it stuck! Over the last few centuries England has suffered from a kind of negativity from other nations concerning its culinary expertise that continues to exist even to this day!

But be that as it may, though there may not be the ‘Grand Tradition’ of sauce making as can be found in, shall we say France, there is a tradition of spices, pickles and condiments throughout British cookery.

The tradition of meat and sauces and relishes dates back to well before medieval times.

The romans many centuries earlier had used a strong tasting ‘accompaniment’ when the quality of meat was not always of the highest and often covered such inadequacies.

Reproduced here are some sauce and relish recipes from the archive that may be of more general interest.

Many are still available in can, jar or even in these more enlightened times squeezy bottles as ‘proprietary brands’, to be found in most grocery shops and supermarkets.

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