A Taste Of Easter

Easter is a time of celebration that dates back to pre-christian times. It is a celebration of the end of Winter and the onset of Spring. Of the promise of new growth, new beginnings!

It is a time of rich foods using any such dried and preserved fruits as may have survived the Winter.

Then again, anything goes really. Recent trends have seen the commercialisation of Easter coming close to that of Christmas. Chocolate Eggs and cute little chicks.

Hot Cross Buns are also synonymous with Easter, although spicy buns have been used for millenia at times of celebration in this country. And it is not a coincidence that Mothering Sunday also occurs around this time of year.

The principal of birth and rebirth naturally involve ‘the Mother‘ be it ones own or the ubiquitous ‘Mother Earth’

It is interesting that both of the images of marzipan cake on this page, despite being published nearly fifty years apart use a similar style of decoration. Both can be described as Simnel Cakes provided that both are rich and well spiced, fruit cakes.

Yorkshire Parkin and Gingerbread are also traditional at this time of year, with their added treacle or syrup and use of some of the headier spices, can be used to replace the more traditional fruit cake if preferred!

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