Aberdeen – The Final Chapter

And so we come to the final pen and ink drawings from Jessie M. King’s little book. I’ve added a few more ‘little known facts about Aberdeen’ to accompany the images.

Slains Castle, an eerie ruin on the cliff tops by Cruden Bay, is said to have inspired Bram Stoker to write “Dracula”

Robert Louis Stevenson penned most of his most famous novel “Treasure Island” while staying in Braemar.

Shakespeare’s play MacBeth, is thought to have been inspired by a visit to the North East of Scotland, and is based largely on fact – MacBeth was killed in battle at Lumphanan, Aberdeenshire.

Balmoral Castle is one of the most famous buildings in the world and has been a Royal Residence since 1852.

In 1652 The Honours of Scotland (the Scottish Crown Jewels) were hidden in Dunnottar Castle to hide them from Oliver Cromwell.

Experience the Angels’ Share – the 2% of whisky that evaporates naturally into the air each year!

Queen Victoria is partly responsible for creating the demand for Scotch Whisky outside Scotland. She famously enjoyed a daily dram in her tea.

Aberdeenshire, home to 70 castles, has more castles per acre than any other part of the UK.

Pop star Annie Lennox was born in Aberdeen.

And finally . . .

Sir Winston Churchill was once Rector of Aberdeen University.

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