Kitchen Front Soups

To continue the theme of soups as a simple but wholesome meal when times are hard I add here a couple from the ‘Kitchen Front’

Produced by the ‘Ministry of Food’ and backed up by advertising campaigns, the aim of the publication was to promote ways of feeding the family with meagre provisions.

In a time of scarce supplies of meat and dairy goods, any and all vegetables had to be utilised to the full.

The ‘Dig For Victory’ movement begun by the ubiquitous ‘Ministry Of Food’ oversaw the digging up of virtually every free open space – public parks, village greens, school grounds – for the growing of vegetables and potatoes.

The Royal parks in London and even the grounds of Buckingham Palace itself were not safe.

Home produce of any variety became not just an adjunct but an important part of the National Wartime Diet.

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