Granny Robertson

After nearly a year of using her name, I now feel that it is time to  show her in all her glory!

Mrs Kathleen Macay Robertson, please step forward –

A lovely family photo. The babe in arms is my brother Stephen at around 6 months. Granny Robertson is far right.

Time telescopes everything. I am just listening to Glen Miller playing ‘Moonlight Seranade’ on the radio and wondering where the years have gone!

I don’t know the answer to that one either!

This has to be the classic, Granny Robertson, right, her mother Kathleen second right, my mother, her brother and my Grandad!

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1 Response to Granny Robertson

  1. biodiplomacy says:

    Very evocative photos, the sort that give one an inkling of what actual time travel would be like. If only one could attach the smells and sounds of the scenes that black and white photos – far better than colour – capture.

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