The 50’s Christmas Party

In the years following the war, the old traditions were revived and to be fair, modernised into a more ‘modern’ way of thinking.

But even in spite of the changing attitudes to women and work a strong sense of the ‘woman in  the home’ prevailed.

This particular supplement is a good example of those ideals.


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2 Responses to The 50’s Christmas Party

  1. toosoxy says:

    Awesome! Love it! I work at a newspaper and nothing makes me happier than going through the archives and looking at old ads and lifestyle pieces…

    • kayjayaitch says:

      Thanks for the interest in my little site! I must just say that a fanatisism such as yours is unusual here in the UK! I follow the local football (soccer) team to a degree but . . .
      And my Grannies book is an archive, old, smelly and dusty but intruiging none the less! The oldest recipe I’ve found so far goes back to 1904!

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