More On Milk . . .

With the post second world war emphasis on rebuilding the economy of the country, all things natural and home produced were promoted heavily.

From beef to lamb, chicken to eggs, all were re-invented, re-packaged and sold through the medium of the womens magazine.

The humble Ploughman’s lunch (bread, cheese, pickles, tomato, onion &tc) was in fact a very successful campaign to promote regional cheeses through ‘local’ eateries such as canteens, pubs and restaurants.

Unlike today there was little television coverage in the fifties and the magazines were a powerful tool in the hands of the government departments responsible for such measures.

Thickened milks, creams and custards once more became fashionable and labelled ‘good for you’

Many traditional recipes such as possets and junkets that had been around for centuries, were re-discovered and re-vamped to suit ‘modern tastes’ and the ‘modern ideas’ creeping in from the continent.

And now the thinking has come full circle. Yes, milk is still beneficial in the development of bones and teeth in children but the fat content and calorific values are only of value in a well balanced diet . . .

Back to the drawing board?

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