Regional Toasting Breads


The link between the first three of these recipes is the use of animal fats as opposed to margerine or butter. As a rule this produces a lighter end product.

Huffkins are native to Kent, a county in the south-west of England, and make a nice addition to the tea table.

Lardy Cakes

Lardy Cakes are made with fresh pork fat and have more in common with a suet dumpling than a bread.

The texture is light and fluffy and they are best eaten still warm, with butter and home-made jelly or jam.

If not, toasted a day or two later is always an option.

Currant Tea Loaves

The Currant Tea Loaf recipe can also be used to make into buns.

A 4 oz piece of the dough, rolled into a ball and then flattened to the size of a small saucer, somewhat akin to a burger bun is my favourite form.

Doing this will reduce the cooking time to around 20 minutes.

When cooled they too can also be split and toasted of course!

Revel Buns

Finally the Revel Bun. A lightly saffroned baking-powder bun with currants from the south-west of England they are made using butter in this recipe, though lard can be substituted if wished.

The dark currants in the golden dough makes for an attractive finished product.

Turmeric could be used if wished to save the expense of saffron but care must be taken that the deeply aromatic taste does not become overpowering.

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