The Pork Pie!

Pembrokeshire is the fifth largest county in Wales

Pembrokeshire Pork & Apple Pie

Pembrokeshire is a county in the south-west of Wales in the United Kingdom.

It borders  Carmarthenshire to the east and Ceredigion to the north east.

The county town is Haverfordwest where Pembrokeshire County Council located.

The county is also home to Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, the only coastal national park of its kind in the United Kingdom. It is one of only three national parks in Wales, the others being Snowdonia and Brecon Beacons national parks.

This recipe dates to somewhere around the 1940’s-50’s

Much of Pembrokeshire, especially the south, has been English in language and culture for many centuries.

South Pembrokeshire is known as Little England Beyond Wales.

The first recipe is intended to be served hot, as opposed to the more classical raised pork pie recipe (below right) such as those produced in Melton Mowbray in England.

A more traditional English ‘raised’ pork pie

The exact spices and composition varies widely from region to region and many older recipes are kept secret by their producers.

Having said that, both of these are well worth a try!

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