The Hot Cross Bun

A fruit (or speckled) bun, adopted by the Christian church for Easter as a celebration of the death and re-birth of Jesus (hence the Cross)

This recipe comes from an article of around the early fifties. It’s a good recipe, but the photographs are limited in quality to say the least!

Many will say that a far better, far cheaper and far less time-consuming product can be bought from Asda or Tesco or Sainsbury’s for mere pennies!

And that may well be true, but a plateful of freshly baked buns placed upon a kitchen table will soon disappear as if by magic!

Try it! You may surprise yourself!

Unfortunately picture nine is to far gone to reproduce but the buns are essentially finished. A simple sugar glaze, brushed on while still warm, will produce a glorious finish.

In defence of the home-made:

Last Autumn I went to see ‘The Fiddler on the Roof’ performed by a group of high-school students. ‘Not an unusual thing’, I hear you say, ‘it happens all the time’

Well yes, so it should. But to hear a 16-17 year old Rheptavia sing ‘Tradition’ brings home the true meaning of the word. Education is not a one way thing. Old must teach young, that is a given, but the young should also be permitted to enlighten their elders when necessary!

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