Who’s Got The Knits?

Needles at Dawn!

Right, I hear you all asking, when do we cut the cheap posts and get back to the nitty-gritty! Well not today I’m afraid. I’ve had a bad day so far and it looks like getting worse! But be that as it may, these things happen to the best of intentions.

I was hoping to begin today with bread and yeast products but the subject is a big one, bigger even than puddings and cakes, and so I shall have to add another filler. A good one though!


How the world has changed in it’s attitudes to buying in the past 100 years!

Now, I am not a dad and my best experience to date is a 9 (going on 29) year old niece and a 2 (going on 102) year old nephew but I can easily envisage getting a teen of any age into some of this as problematic at best!

Add to that the fact that you have to wash the little darlings, both before and after subjecting them to nasty, itchy woollen clothing, and you have a major tantrum looming!

But, as the ad shows quite clearly, ‘Mum knows’ (best, presumably)

And then of course, the clothes need to be cleaned.

All those nasty, childhood stains that require ‘special’ attention! (squashed frog, catapult grease, borrowed lipstick, purloined face powder)

What the primmy girl doesn’t seem to realise is that the detergent will work without the colouring or lots of lather!

I won’t tell her if you won’t!

The final one I have is for all you liberated ladies out there, those free from the drudgery of the kitchen sink and the pungent nappies! It’s worth it in the end! (or so I’ve been told anyway!)

Thirty years experience with the mid teens as trainee cooks may have coloured my attitude to the little darlings but please, give me a good book anytime!

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