Cloutie Dumpling

A Taste Of Scotland

The Cloutie dumpling is a traditional rich fruit pudding. Boiled in a clean, floured cloth it is usually made for high days and holidays. It is also the pre-cursor of both the birthday cake and Christmas cake. And of course, the Christmas pudding.

The Cloutie makes a wonderful addition to the tea table or a supper. It can be served with custard, brandy butter or gingered cream.

It is also pretty good, sliced and fried with bacon for breakfast!

The Selkirk bannock, on the other hand, being leavened with yeast is more of a fruit bread than a pudding. As such is more versatile. It can be toasted and served with butter, packed in chunks into a lunch-box or picnic basket or eaten with cheese as a quick snack at any time.

To be continued . . . 

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