Just a quick rant before I begin. How many people have both a lap-top and a PC go down, big time, on the same day? And why me? What did I ever do to deserve that? Still, I found a very nice computer doctor who has resolved both major catastrophes and it only cost me an arm and half a leg! Still, I am back on-line and it’s looking good so far. Typing with only one hand is a bit slow but I shall carry on regardless!

To resume then. Following the sad demise of Sammy last month, my Golden Retriever Alice has been bereft. She has been with us for the past five years but came from a very bad former life.

Alice was rescued from an Irish puppy farm in 2005 and brought here by a rescue team. She was just skin and bone but heavily pregnant at the time. She subsequently had three healthy puppies who were happily homed and have no memories of the hard life their mother suffered.

Sammy was here then, having just lost his previous companion and he welcomed her with open paws. Terrified and traumatised it took a long time for her to get away from her previous life but Sammy was her support system. He taught her how to guard the house, to chase squirrels and cats, to dig up my vegetables and just generally how to be a normal dog.

Now as an only dog, she has to take charge of everything by herself. These pictures were taken last week down on the beach, a place we rarely took them because of Sammy’s hectic reaction to public transport! He’d go bananas with excitement at the thought of an excursion!

She wasn’t too sure what to make of it at first but she made the best of it. A bag of fish & chips was well received on the pier later in the day. 

She still has bad days, when the black memories take over. But more importantly than anything, Sammy taught her to run and run free. He gave her the confidence to become what she is now, a happy and loving dog whose self-confidence grows daily.

To finish, a final nod to my Sammy. A thank you from me and Alice for everything he was. He might have been a horrible little shit-bag with the wicked sense of humour of a recalcitrant schoolboy but he was my horrible little shit-bag!

Alice is a sponsor dog for Irish Retriever Rescue and, should you wish, you will find more information on their work by following their link on my blogroll.

Alice herself can be found under the 2005 successes’ link at :


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