Death By Chocolate!

A varied selection of traditional chocolate cakes, puddings and treats. These are from a Womans Own supplement from the mid-fifties. Cocoa powder, Bournville being a primary supplier, was a main staple in the larder and many uses were devised to feed a fast growing market.

It was believed that both chocolate and milk had great health benefits. (scroll down to final image) And so they do, in equal measure, but not to the extent that the chocolate producers would have you believe.

 The health benefits, or otherwise, of cocoa have long been debated but there is no question that it forms a very important part of modern life. There are very few people who are ante-chocolate, maybe a few more who are indifferent but on the whole it is a major part of the British psyche either as a treat, or in the case of speciality chocolates like Belgian or Swiss, a luxury.

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