Iced Walnut Cake

Another very handsome afternoon tea cake, iced and decorated. The outer frosting is not absolutely necessary and the cake will survive quite nicely with just the filling if prefered. Walnuts are very good, though if you are prepared to do the extra work, (or take on the added expense for shelled) brazil nuts make an excellent alternative.

While the above is of the same era, (mid-fifties) as the previous two entries, the following is somewhat older. The handwriting is my grandmothers and is probably from the twenties. I use this one a good deal for a ‘stock’cake.

The dates add a sweetness beyond the sugar and compliment the bitter walnuts beautifully.

It is a batter cake. The butter is rubbed into the sifted dry ingredients and the milk used to create the batter.

The soda & vinegar can be replaced with the more modern baking powder, adding a little more milk if necessary, to achieve the same finish.

Who Auntie Winnie Hall was I have, as yet, been unable to discover. Possibly just one of her neighbours. Nice cake though.

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2 Responses to Iced Walnut Cake

  1. Love the pictures. That old newspaper article is just great.

  2. kayjayaitch says:

    Thank you for your interest! The magazine (C.1955-6), from which this is but a small part, comes from an extensive archive of similar material. About 3 years worth at the current rate! Please keep watching. Maybe try a recipe or two . . .

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