Fruity Or Spiced?

Here we have two quite different recipes. One a fairly standard sultana cake that is best presented in a loaf form. Lighter and more subtle than yesterdays’ fruit cake it is extremely good as a snack for unexpected visitors. Both recipes are vintage mid-fifties fare.

The grapefruit cake is something a bit more unusual. I have always thought of grapefruit as part of a fruit cocktail or a breakfast juice, an acquired taste. But this works well. For that something a bit different it passes with flying colours. The cinnamon provides a nice balance of sweet and sour flavours. I would recommend trying it at least once. A good, thick slice, with a cup of tea on a Sunday afternoon in front of the TV, is the true test.

As a variation, a combination of lemon and lime with the addition of a good pinch of ginger in the cake, also works well.

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