Traditional Gingerbread

Best made in a loaf tin or ring mould. Using treacle (or molasses) will give a darker cake with a richer flavour. The amount of ginger can be altered to taste and the syrup for the final glazing can be replaced with melted, shredless marmelade if preferred. Will keep well for several days in an airtight tin.

½ lb Flour,

1 tsp Bicarbonate of Soda,

2 tsp Ginger,

½ tsp Cinnamon,

1 Egg,

¼ lb Butter,

½ lb Golden Syrup or Treacle if prefered.

3 oz. Caster Sugar,

1½ oz Blanched, Split Almonds,


Sift together the flour and the spices.

Melt together the syrup, butter and sugar in a pan. Allow to cool and add the beaten egg. Stir this mixture into the flour and beat well, then add the soda that has been mixed with a little milk.

Turn into a greased tin, decorate with the blanched, split almonds and bake at 350-375°F for thirty-five to forty-five minutes.

Brush lightly with syrup as it cools to give a lovely ‘sticky’ finish.

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