Following a mercifully swift illness, Sammy sadly passed away on 23rd February. He was a good and loyal companion to me for many years and in his memory I am posting a few of my favourite images of him. Always a happy dog with a big heart they are also for those whose lives he touched, however briefly, during that time. 

He will be sorely missed, not least by his long-time companion and friend Alice who survives him. He will not be forgotten.

(The Retriever with Sammy and me on the beach is not Alice but her predecessor Rascal)


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2 Responses to Sammy

  1. Hello Kevin,
    I tracked you down (I have a blog here too), only to find this sad news. I am really sorry that Sammy has passed away, you must all be devastated.
    Just thought I would let you know that we are thinking of you all, take care, speeak soon…

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